I’ve always wanted a bar in my house.  I’m not sure why, I was never much of a drinker.  A couple of years ago I decided that I was going to make this happen.  We had a sunroom on the back of our house that I had been using for a home office, but just got too cold in the winter.  So I moved my office to the basement and started re-decorating.  And I decided not to build any old bar, but a Tiki bar.  Tiki culture continues to flourish, and, until recently, Kewanee was home to an almost famous Tiki bar, the Aku-Tiki Room. Sadly, it closed in 2008 after falling on very hard times and the death of the owner.  Everything was auctioned off in June of that year, and the building demolished.  I was able to attend the auction and came away with some nice decor items, along with several boxes of tiki mugs (or Orchids of Hawaii as Carol Andris corrected me.)

The Leaky Tiki bar exists primarily for my own enjoyment and that of my friends.  I’m also taking applications for more friends.

The Leaky Tiki Bar website exists for two reasons:  my random enjoyment (and hopefully yours) and to help me test out various web design things.  So the page may look ugly or be broken at times.

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